Help with your Safety

Your Home Security

Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust's Bobby Scheme

Our free home security service, providing and fitting devices such as new locks, door chains and door viewers free of charge.

The service is available for people over the age of 65, the vulnerable or those that are disabled. The Bobby Team will attend your home and carry out a survey, identifying any areas which may be vulnerable to crime. Where appropriate, our staff will improve your security with locks, door chains and viewers.

Our "Bobbies" are all qualified carpenters, who have helped over 20,000 Bedfordshire residents in improving their Home Security.

How do I request a visit from The Bobby Scheme?

You can request a visit by contacting our office on 01234 842619, or by using our online form, and a member of our staff will get back to you.

Do I have to have been a victim of Crime?

No, the aim of the Bobby Scheme is not only to help victims of Crime but to assist in improving your Home Security and preventing offences in the first place.

Am I eligible?

The Bobby Scheme is available free of charge to those aged over 65, the vulnerable or disabled. If you are unsure if we can help you please contact us.

Can I refer a friend, relative or neighbour?

Yes, of course. We welcome requests on behalf of others. If you know someone that you feel would benefit from a visit from the Bobby Scheme please get in touch.

How can I be sure it is the Bobby team at my door?

Our "Bobbies" are dressed in uniforms similar to the local police in order to offer reassurance to victims. They also carry ID cards with them at all times.
If you are in any doubt you can ring the Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust office on 01234 842619, or Bedfordshire Police by calling 101. You should never let anyone into your home unless you are sure of their identity.

Is it really free?

Yes, all work carried out at your home is completely free of charge. We are a registered charity and rely on the support of donations, and partnerships with local agencies and businesses in order to be able to continue to provide our service. You are free to make a donation to the Bobby Scheme if you wish.


Your Fire Safety

Bedfordshire Fire Service Fire Safety Tips
Fires in the home are the main cause of fire deaths and injury and each year people are put needlessly at risk from the effects of fire. This could easily be avoided by following simple yet effective steps which may not just prevent damage to your home, but ONE DAY SAVE YOUR LIFE.
  • There are many steps you can take to prevent your home from the devastating effects of fire. Here are our TOP PREVENTION TIPS.
  • Ensure your property has working smoke alarms. As a minimum we recommend one smoke alarm per floor, ideally, these should be sited in both the hallway and the landing. REMEMBER TO TEST YOUR ALARM WEEKLY - try linking this to another weekly event i.e. putting the wheelie bin out for collection.
  • Prepare an escape plan so everyone in your home knows how to escape in the event of a fire. Also, consider a safe meeting point if your escape routes are blocked.
  • Encourage a routine of conducting checks around your home each night. This should include switching off any electrical appliances (e.g. TV's) that are not in use, safely disposing of ashtrays in a suitable bin and closing ALL internal doors.
  • Take extra care when cooking using hot oils. Consider replacing your chip pan with a deep fat fryer which uses a thermostat to control the heat.
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